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What people are saying

"In comforting prose, Laura Milligan has crafted a story that feels both timeless and of the moment. She beautifully acknowledges the differences that make kids who they are, while reminding us that kindness matters most."

-Laura Anne Bird, author, Crossing The Pressure Line 

-Laura Anne Bird, author of Crossing The Pressure Li

"Lucy's Lane is a modern tale with a timeless feel. Readers will root for Lucy as she discovers friendship, community, and - much to her surprise - even courage." 

-Erica Perl, New York Times best-selling author 

Lucy’s Lane tackles some of the scariest moments for kids—moving to a new town, starting at a new school, finding new friends—and handles them with the gentlest touch. Set during the early days of the pandemic, 4th-grader Lucy overcomes some of her greatest fears in order to help others and stand up for what’s right. Parents, teachers, and librarians will love the lessons woven into this narrative about how helping in the smallest ways can lead to important changes in one’s community. A story that will resonate with any child who’s facing life changes or learning to navigate anxiety.

-Sherri Puzey, Marketing Director, Zibby Books

"A lucid and hopeful story...Lucy learns that being a good friend takes courage..."

-Kirkus Reviews, 2024

- Erica Perl, New York Times best selling children's author

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