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What people are saying...

"In comforting prose, Laura Milligan has crafted a story that feels both timeless and of the moment. She beautifully acknowledges the differences that make kids who they are, while reminding us that kindness matters most."

-Laura Anne Bird, author of Crossing The Pressure Line


"Lucy's Lane is a modern tale with a timeless feel. Readers will root for Lucy as she discovers friendship, community, and - much to her surprise - even courage."

- Erica Perl, New York Times best selling children's author

Some of Laura's recent writing: 

Education Week, 2023, "Small Actions Matter: A Teacher Reflects on School Shootings Since Sandy Hook"
W. W. Norton Publishing, 2022, "Use Summer Reading to Recharge"
Zibby Magazine, 2020, "Don't Let Your Children Accept The Limitations Imposed On Them"
Zibby Magazine, 2021, "The Six Lessons I Learned From the Woods"
Mom's Don't Have Time To Grieve, Zibby Magazine, 2022, "The Places We Grieve"
Her View From Home, 2021, "On Grief, Motherhood and Turning 40"
Edutopia, 2021, "Virtual Bookclubs for Kids"
Medium, 2020, "Minimize Screen time and Maximize the Experience"


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